No sign of peace, order or good government here

From the livejournal of giantlaser, a contractor in Iraq:

  • We have 10 guards on staff at all times. They live with us. They are Kurdish, from areas 200-400 km north. They have no local loyalties at all – no friends, no family, no one to apply pressure here. While it is always possible they could be compromised, it is far less likely.
  • We have house staff to do all local things we need, like run the generators, shop, fuel the cars, etc.
  • When we leave, the guards sweep the street and secure the immediate area.
  • We are armed at all times. On foot, with a pistol. In a car, with an AK-47 as well.
  • We now take two cars with at least 3 guards. And we’ve appointed the most experienced and capable guards as our personal ones.

Doesn’t sound much like ensuring/enduring freedom or democracy to me.