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death from above 1941

I see that you can now view WWII historical imagery in Google Earth. Yes, there’s Dresden, Hamburg and Warsaw. But what about Clydebank, Coventry, London? Yes, it wouldn’t have been allied imagery, but we were bombed too.

General goatee-stroking musing, or something

Hey Kids, It’s The Coalition of Negligence!

I misread this CBC headline “Allawi accuses U.S.-led coalition of negligence in ambush of Iraqi recruits“, and I thought, wow, that’s a whole new coalition, and a whole new ballgame!

goatee-stroking musing, or something

No sign of peace, order or good government here

From the livejournal of giantlaser, a contractor in Iraq:

  • We have 10 guards on staff at all times. They live with us. They are Kurdish, from areas 200-400 km north. They have no local loyalties at all – no friends, no family, no one to apply pressure here. While it is always possible they could be compromised, it is far less likely.
  • We have house staff to do all local things we need, like run the generators, shop, fuel the cars, etc.
  • When we leave, the guards sweep the street and secure the immediate area.
  • We are armed at all times. On foot, with a pistol. In a car, with an AK-47 as well.
  • We now take two cars with at least 3 guards. And we’ve appointed the most experienced and capable guards as our personal ones.

Doesn’t sound much like ensuring/enduring freedom or democracy to me.