eulogy for plant

You were a christmas Poinsettia three years ago. You quickly grew spindly and grew towards the window. You survived repeated failures to water you, and yet you kept growing. You even gave us some red last year.

You had only a couple of tiny leaves yesterday, and you looked so ill. I had hoped to give you a summer in the garden, so you could die as summer faded. It didn’t happen.

Goodbye, plant. I shall remember you when I sweep up your crisp dry leaves.


We have a very small, somewhat bedraggled, poinsettia in our front room. We got it a couple of Christmases ago, and we surprise ourselves that it’s still alive. Since its initial forced colour faded, it’s just sat as a small green plant.

Today, though, it’s got a splash of red on it. Who knew that the Christmas plant would be doing its thing near Easter?