histamine overreaction

On the deck last night, fitting new Schwalbes to the tourer, I got my usual July mozzie bites.

Every year since coming to Canada, I get the same two bites; one above and one below my right elbow. The swelling’s usually pretty alarming. The first year it was egg sized. It’s calmed down a little since then, but I fully expect a couple of weeks of redness and oozing (oozing!). All part of the Canadian summer experience, I guess.

a bit bitey

Did some weeding tonight (with a propane torch, of course). Got bit by my first mosquito of the year, a droning monstrosity resembling nothing less than a single-prop bush plane. Haven’t these mozzies heard that I’m not allowed to give blood because the wussy canadian donation system can’t handle gude scottish blude European blood might have brain-melting cooties?