Gourd Banjo workshop, day 5: the last day and the finished product

Be glad you can't smell Jeff cutting bone on the bandsaw
Finished bone tailpiece
Gourd with neck test-fitted
Pegs cut, drilled and doped
Mostly strung
Tailpiece, tail gut and cherry bridge
Jeff's workshop
Jeff helps Michael move some tacks
Michael and Jeff
Michael, Jeff, me — and our banjos
The finished banjo

Gourd Banjo Workshop, Day 4

Sam the shop dog
My gourd, with the skin still wet
Jeff and Michael's gourds
My gourd, dried now
Oiled necks drying in the sun

Gourd Banjo Workshop: the third day

Gourd: neck hole
Gourd: neck and dowel stick holes
Rough neck fit to gourd
Lipstick for fit checking
Final gourd/neck fit
Almost looks like a banjo
Artisanal Sound Port Installer
Gourd with sound port