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advice: just buy a can of kidney beans

Okay, so now the house smells of damp, the stove top is covered with evil red liquid, and the pan is coated with something that looks like it came from the insides of a duck. This is why canned red kidney beans are a good idea, and why almost no-one cooks their own.

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Sustainable Energy Fair

I survived the University of Toronto First Sustainable Energy Fair. The weather was pretty grim, despite the cold and the rain. Maybe some of the solar cooking events didn’t happen, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of all involved.

There was a good crowd, and I talked myself hoarse on the WindShare stand. There were some interesting people there, including the irrepressible Tom Karmo, and UofT‘s own cyborg, Steve Mann. And yes, I am really responsible for getting Winton Dahlström into wind energy; mea maxima culpa.

I have pictures of the sustainable energy fair here.