To the Coinstar machine again, to deposit $143.47 in change. Of course, you only get $129.41 of that back. Since I last visited it on 17th November, that’s 62¢/day for the last 232 days.

Nerdly? Me? Just wait until I write about spoon heft

small change, again

Was at the CoinStar machine again today, 301 days after my last visit. I deposited 391 quarters, 316 dimes, 161 nickels and 514 pennies. That’s $142.54, or $128.57 after CoinStar’s cut. The small change weighed 4.4kg, and had a volume of approximately 1.3l.

So that means that we generate 47¢ in small change every day …


I took 3.6kg of small change (quarters and smaller) to the CoinStar machine, and it netted approximately $107. I actually got back about $96, as the machine keeps about 10% as a sorting fee.

So, weight for weight, Canadian small change is equivalent in value to prime steak.