goatee-stroking musing, or something

ill-advised facial hair

I should probably not consider growing a Holiday NeckBeard this year.


Uncle Dave on ill-advised facial hair

Look at that man with all the hair around his mouth
Like he swallowed a mule and left the tail hanging out
– I’ve Got The Morning Blues


the late b.p. helium, live at The Boat, Toronto — 28 June 2006

  1. (intro)
  2. crying*
  3. reminder to self
  4. they broke the speed of light
  5. fela*
  6. i tried to make it with you
  7. (banter)
  8. bluebeard
  9. rabbit’s ear
  10. the curse of the trial
  11. raisa raisa
  12. the weeping soul

*: These short titles are taken from the setlist. I don’t have their full names.

Info page: the late b.p. helium, The Boat — 28 June 2006, which also includes a link to FLACs.