the late b.p. helium, The Boat — 28 June 2006

  1. (intro)
  2. crying*
  3. reminder to self
  4. they broke the speed of light
  5. fela*
  6. i tried to make it with you
  7. (banter)
  8. bluebeard
  9. rabbit's ear
  10. the curse of the trial
  11. raisa raisa
  12. the weeping soul

The lossless files are now up on

*: These short titles are taken from the setlist. I don't have their full names.

About these files

Audience recording by Stewart C. Russell. Recorded to 44.1kHz WAV audio using Minigear Labs binaural microphones and iRiver H120 digital HD recorder with Rockbox firmware. Tracks split with Audacity and MP3 encoded with LAME.