No-drill tremolo arm options for an American Standard Fender Telecaster

I’ve got a hankering for some surf twang from my Tele. As it’s quite a nice guitar, I’d prefer not to drill it. After not much luck asking on, I had to do some digging myself.

There are a bunch of options for Vintage-style telecaster bridges. Those are the ones with the familiar “ashtray” bridge, three saddles for a bridge and four screws securing them to the body. One of these is the Vibramate; their V5-TEAS for the Standard is coming out later in the year.

But the Standard bridge is different; it has six blocks, three screws, and is a different length from the Vintage bridge:

Options for these are fewer:

  • The ZZGuitarworks Bigsby EZ-Mount System W/B3R Bridge looks promising. (The B3R is for right-handed Standards; B3L for lefty Standards. Similarly, B4R is for Vintage 4-screw ashtrays.)
  • The Stetsbar fits both Standard and Vintage. It does require neck shimming, though.

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