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  1. Zofia is a friend of mine. She is a loving hard working lady and what has happened is shameful not only to the RCMP but to our country. Zofia is one that cried for me when my husband died last year from lack of medical care as well as medical *mistakes*. Dead is dead. I can attest to the fact that Zofia will never know peace again. There is nothing the police can do to make this better. People can stand up and decide they won’t stand for anymore of this. It has to be more than blogging. By the time the video tape is returned it will have been editied or damaged. Faith in our police and government ( from my perspective in my husband’s death) is at an all time low. No memorial of any kind will ever ease Zofia’s pain. Standing up for what is right and not allowing anything like this to happen again might give her some measure of peace. To the officer’s involved, how the hell do you sleep at night?

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