auto-CC’ing someone with Outlook

If you’ve ever forgotten to cc someone on an e-mail and you’re forced to use Outlook, this could be useful.
Real example: R is an external contractor. T manages R’s company’s account for us, but isn’t involved in all communications with R. By setting up an outgoing mail filter, I can ensure that all mail I send to R is copied to T.
The Rules wizard lives in the Tools menu, and the option called (I think) “Rules & Filters”:

setting up a mail send rule in Outlook

This particular example is made more complex by R’s having two e-mail addresses. Multiple addresses in the distribution list become a logical-or, so it works out. I’m not sure if I strictly needed the exclusion clause to only cc T if T is not explicitly in the To: or Cc: fields, but it works.

Outgoing filters only work if Outlook is running, so won’t work if you are not logged in.

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