two wind turbines

Two new small wind turbines have appeared along Highway 8. Both are near Clinton.

The first is an 80kW WES. I’m not really a huge fan of two-bladed wind turbines, but at least the old Lagerwey design is well proven.

WES 80kW

The second is a bit more of a mystery. Apparently installed by a local trucking company, it reminds me of design from the 1980s, but I can’t remember which. This one’s nearer Vanastra.

mystery wind turbine


  1. The mystery wind turbine was installed by a trucking company so u’ve got that right. Also the design i think it’s design came from a mixture of either the vestas V15 or V17? and the other mixture was from a NASA built turbine that you see in parts of california and palm springs wind farm and on the positive side both of those were biult in the early 80’s.

    There was two more of these that i found in the uk which were somewhere in scotland, built in 1984 and then decommissioned in 2002 and then taken down for scrap in 2003.

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