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my ibook status

I just upgraded my iBook to 1.5GB, the most it’ll take.  The CD·ROM Store took a bit of time to get the memory in, but when they did it was $50 less than I was originally quoted.

It took me four heart-stopping tries to get it installed. It went like this:

  1. black screen – eek!
  2. appeared to work, but no extra RAM recognized.
  3. black screen – double eek!
  4. works- yay!

Each tim required power off, battery out, the keyboard to come off, a fiddly little plate to be unscrewed (which was  nothing like the Apple instructions said), the SODIMM reseated, fiddly plate restored,  keyboard in, battery in, power on. My old ThinkPad was a lot easier – I once installed RAM in it on a subway train …


  1. On your install disk – they grey one that comes with the machine, there is a RAM test feature in the hardware tests – run that to see if there is anything wrong with the ram.

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