Fixing bad shares on the NSLU2

Much as I like my NSLU2, it has a serious problem when it loses power; its share information often goes kablooey. There’s a not very elegant way of fixing this.

Say, f’rinstance, you had a share called Files on Disk 2. Sometimes you’ll find that this has gone, or migrated to the wrong disk, and there’s invariably a share called Files~1, usually on Disk 1. To fix this:

  • Delete the Files~1 share.
  • If you have a Files share and it’s inaccessible through the normal methods, delete that.
  • Recreate the Files share on Disk 2. Do not change the location, unless you’d put it somewhere strange to start off with.

Your share should be back. I find that it sometimes usually changes the user permissions, so you may have to fiddle with ownership and group membership. You can fix this:

  1. Delete the user from the Users tab  (but don’t delete the group and share – these are greyed out – and definitely don’t delete the folder)
  2. Delete the group, from the Advanced → Groups tab
  3. Delete the share, from the Advanced → Shares tab
  4. Recreate the user (from the Setup → Users tab), and select Create Private Folder (Share), giving the appropriate location for the share.

You can then save the configuration to allow you to quickly restore the settings. Nope, the reboot that’s carried out on restore makes the whole problem come back again – aargh!

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