an ending and a hangover

It’s my last day in this job. My head feels several sizes too small after last night’s leaving do.

My desk is almost clear. Much fresh-roasted coffee has been drunk. I have unsubscribed from mailing lists. My cron jobs have been stopped. Mail aliases will soon be changed. And so it goes.

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  1. Goodbye Stewart (think of cooking the Mona Lisa). I will miss your skill as a human dictionary and encyclopedia. I will miss your Scottish tablet and fresh ground coffee. I will miss your pithy observations on life. I will miss that pained look you get on your face when craziness or wrongness is happening. I will think of you any time I see a pinwheel spinning in the wind and probably start to weep. In recognition of your passing I have taken an oath to refrain from eating Sun Chips for one year or until I really want some very badly, whichever comes first. You will remain on my list of the five smartest people I have ever met forever, or until I meet a sufficient number of people smarter than you such that you are displaced from the list, whichever comes first. God bless you Stewart Russell – oh ye of two first names – and may you always walk past the open windows!

    Your soon to be former corporate solicitor,

    PS. I’m sorry I never saw you lose your temper – I’m sure it would have made for a spectacular show!

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