Ever heard the term “Appropriate Use of Technology”?

Well, this is not that: For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow [mp3], as played on this:

— an Arduino driving a stepper motor driving a Sankyo musical box. And yes, heat-shrink tubing ‘reinforced’ with dental floss doesn’t make a very robust flexible coupling.

annoying ringtone

Now I’ve discovered how easy it is to create MP3 ringtones for my BlackBerry (make a 64KBit mono MP3 of short length, e-mail it to the phone, open attachment, save it, and select “Use as ringtone”), I just had to use this little snippet of the DeZurik Sisters: dezurik.mp3.

sad-boy old-skool 8-bit ring tone

My phone now rings the Uridium theme, thanks to smashTheTONES.

I really should’ve gone for the quacking bit at the end of Pink Floyd’s Bike. Or something by Neutral Milk Hotel. Or Of Montreal. Man, my GPRS charges are gonna be huge this month.