good stuff from kennedy road and mississauga?

Picked up some Old Credit Amber Ale. It’s good; comes in obscenely large bottles, so one will get you gently munted. Then, after dismantling the old shed (yeah!), we picked up some great beef noodle soup from Pho Vietnam on Kennedy north of Ellesmere. Yum!

first frost, and deer

It’s definitely autumn; first frost on the roof of Port Credit station, and there were deer in the fields in Burlington. It’s defintely getting crepuscular later on us these days.

not *that* Gold Disk, I hope

I see that a company called Gold Disk Canada Inc is being sued again over spamming. I do hope it’s not a remnant of the the old Amiga software company of the same name. The Gold Disk I remember used to write neato DTP and publishing tools in Mississauga

I used to think Mississauga must’ve been quite the place, back when I used to compute away in my suburban Scottish bedroom. I guess Cumbernauld (the Scottish new-town equivalent) might sound exotic to denizens of the Land o’ Hazel.