what’s this ear?

Stewart’s first theory on the evolution of punctuation: the question mark is a stylized representation of an ear. Because a query expects listening, an ear symbol would make sense here.

Mind you, I did come up with that at 3am …

they don’t make ’em like they used to

I heard today that my old HP DeskJet 500 printer is still going strong. This thing must be about 13 years old (I bought it to go with an Amiga 500), and it had some pretty heavy use in the four years I had it. This included printing Catherine’s and my theses — long nights with a spare cartridge and a brutally expensive ream of Mellotex paper.

I’ll bet that no manufacturer makes printers with that kind of staying power these days.

“What a Life!” lives!

Lady Goosepelt

After about a year offline, I’ve put the book What a Life! back online. Someone asked, you see. It’s here. You’ll like it.

I’m glad I was careful with the markup back in 2000 when I did it, ‘cos it only needed minor tweaks to become valid XHTML.