VE3WE CW beacon

If you tune to 28.265 MHz, you might hear this: VE3WE CW Beacon. It’s only broadcasting at five watts, so if you’re really far, you might not hear it. The message it is transmitting is “SCARBOROUGH AMATEUR RADIO CLUB BEACON, REPORTS TO WWW.VE3WE.ORG 73″. It does this once a minute.

There’s a reports page: CW Beacon « Scarborough Amateur Radio Club. Although I basically live next door, I’ve sent mine in.

Slightly Soggy Field Day

Scarborough Amateur Radio Club set up in Heber Down yesterday for Field Day. We could have had better weather.

GOTA table
Joy works PSK31 on 15m
Calling CQ on 40m
Chris sets up
The Chrismobile!
Field at Heber Downs
Field at Heber Downs

All the bands were humming last night. Unfortunately, all the field day stations only wanted to talk to other field day stations, so I got precisely 1 contact all night. Even got a promising signal from Azerbaijan wiped out by an FDer over-eager for ARRL brownie points.