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Harper, Puppeteer o’ the North

It’s the thought on everyone’s mind

[photo from ‘Significant number’ of Canadian Ranger deaths flagged by military chaplain, (Chris Wattie/Reuters)]


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Stephen still a novice glove puppeteer, confirms Laureen Harper

(image lifted from Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes another northern tour – Politics – CBC News)

Man, those Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press pictures from last year just keep giving! It’s a shame that the Sharky hand-puppet didn’t catch on (via fFOIA request: “… a tool to embed Capitalist values into younger children. Catchphrase: ‘It's okay to take, kids! …”) but he didn’t test well with the pre-school crowd.

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Stephen, maybe your next job shouldn’t be a children’s entertainer …


(image lifted from Greg Weston: Why Harper says he’s running again, and why he might not – Canada – CBC News)