stewart + moleskine = teh d33p d00d

I sort-of needed a notebook, and well, it might as well be a moleskine. No, I’m not falling for the hype that this will make me write like Chatwin or Hemingway. No, I haven’t numbered the pages, either. It’s just a notebook. It was about the same price as the others I was looking at, so if the hipster cred comes free, I’m all for it. And they have wind turbines in their catalogue, too.

I got it at Essence du Papier (caution! blank website) in the Toronto Dominion Centre. They have nifty fountain-pen stuff there too, like Herbin inks. I also saw a decent selection at B. Sleuth & Statesman, Inc. in the Exchange Tower. They too have things to transport the pen nerd to happiness.