MicroPython on the BrainPad Classic/BP2

GHI Electronics BrainPad Classic/BP2 electronics project board on a tasteful faux-leopard background. Small OLED screen is showing "SCRUSS 2020"
GHI Electronics BrainPad Classic/BP2 in 3d printed case

I’ve extended the MicroPython examples for the BrainPad Classic so that all of the devices work: scruss/brainpad-micropython: Micropython examples for the BrainPad Classic (BP2) from GHI Electronics.

The ones that already worked in the original examples repo are:

  • buttons
  • accelerometer
  • LEDs
  • light sensor
  • OLED screen

I’ve added:

  • temperature sensor: although my calibration may be a bit off on the MCP9701a used on the board
  • timer blink example: STM32 Timers are cool and we should use them
  • PWM RGB LED example: floating-point silliness with HSV(ish) Colour Wheel in Python
  • buzzer: simple tones plus tunes (in RTTTL) via dhylands / upy-rtttl
  • servos: I may have forgotten to put the example in there, but the standard Servo(1) code should work.

Yes, it would be nice to have a slick unified library like the BBC micro:bit does. For later, though.

Other resources:

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