randomly remembered from the UK trip

  • The M8 through Livingston is now tree-lined, with no sign of the buildings behind. I remember when all of it was scrubby shrubs and boxy buildings.
  • The A174 between Saltburn and Whitby is perhaps the world’s most gratuitously wiggly road in the Z-axis.
  • You can actually get an amateur radio magazine in most newsagents: Practical Wireless.
  • Driving to Fala to join the A68 from North Berwick has extreme XY wiggliness.
  • S. Luca of Musselburgh make very good ice cream, and their purple Mini-based truck is quaint.
  • Either the routing database from the UK is weird, or the Garmin nüvi 760 can’t route for toffee.
  • Eyemouth is much more fun than I expected. Oblò is a great wee restaurant.
  • With a £20 O2 SIM and an unlocked GSM phone, I had calling ability for the trip.
  • Kirkintilloch has a marina! Southbank Marina is quite spiffy.
  • The Quayside in Whitby has fab fish and chips.
  • I actually heard someone use the expression “fandabidozi” in a non-ironic setting in Glasgow
  • Yum yums aren’t as good as I remember them being.
  • Walking barefoot on a Scottish lawn is an exquisite pleasure.

Pictures later.

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