Flatter: hopefully, not the Dexit of micropayments

Micropayments are a bit like legal weed – only the users want it, and the suppliers and their opponents would rather keep the status quo. Lots of smart people have tried it (remember Peppercoin? Ron Rivest was in on that one) and not many real users have ended up using it.

Flattr, like every other new system, claims to be different from every other system. It’s a patronage system, where users/readers/listeners can click on the Flattr link and divvy up their monthly contribution amongst everyone they liked.

I forget how (or exactly why) I got an invitation, but I finally activated it and credited enough for 6 months’ usage this morning. Now I need to go out and find things to like … and they’re thin on the ground.

Jag kanske inte svenska tillräckligt, but I’m not seeing much that has likeable content. Maybe my user number – in the low 1000s – is a hint, but let’s see how things go by the end of October.  I’m hoping it doesn’t end up like Dexit, the dismal downtown Toronto cashless payment system that never got the inertia (or reliable terminals) needed to survive. One can never tell with these online things; when I signed up with Twitter in early 2007, it was a pretty hopeless system …

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