Anssi, not ANSI

Note to IKEA: while cheese has many excellent qualities — nutrition, sustainability, yumminess amongst them — it is not a suitable material for making nuts and bolts. While building an Anssi bar stool, I managed to round out just about every fastener, despite using good tools.

Building the Anssi was especially frustrating, as it’s the only IKEA piece I’ve ever built that had such poor tolerances that everything needed slackened off in order to make the next part fit. It’s built now, though, and hasn’t imploded from internal stresses (yet).

I bought it as a banjo seat, for while I was at Casa Wakefield in Missouri the other week, I noticed how good a bar stool is for comfortable playing.


  1. Holy crap, you are so right. I am sitting here at my computer typing with a palm that has been ripped apart by my screwdriver, which, in turn, has also ripped apart a number of screws today. Built the first of the two I purchased, and I am waiting patiently for an explosion to tear through the metal structure and send plastic shooting throughought my new apartment.

  2. I cant fit the step in! How did you do it? I have tried eerything. It doesnt seem like the holes are in the right places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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