I think I’ve found it …

Batavus Personal Bike

I was at the Dutch Bike festival last weekend, and I think I found the Sensible Bicycle. Curbside were showing the Batavus Personal Bike. It’s lovely. At $1400 for the 3-speed, though, I’m not just about to trade in the old Stumpjumper.

I’m not wild about the squidgy roller brakes, and the dynamo really should’ve been built into the hub, but these are very minor things. Wonder if the company would let me expense this instead of getting a transit pass?

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  1. Your dream is my reality : i bought a Batavus “block buster” last week end :


    I’ve removed the luggage rack, and it looks very “classe” (french word for “smart”).

    You speak about $1400, but it’s 620€ (less than 900$) in france…

    Did you finally bought this, or other ?

    I really appreciated your description of dream-bike, cause i have almost the same !

    I haven’t enough time to take pics of my one yet.
    But i’ll put some on Flickr soon. If you’re interested, ask me…


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