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that would be wonderful

In my Ephemera gallery, I have this image:

World Full of Weirdos

I scanned it years ago from the magazine Strange Things Are Happening, which was a short-lived publication from Phil Smee’s insanely great Bam Caruso record label. It was attached to an article about early SoCal punks The Weirdos. It never actually said if it was one of their flyers or posters.

Since Francky, Ellen and Linda want a better quality version of it, there’s the 300 dpi PNG linked above, plus a couple of vectorized versions I produced: World Full of Weirdos (PDF), World Full of Weirdos (EPS).

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What year approximately was this article?

When I was in college, around 1986, I had a t-shirt with this image on it, purchased at the Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother store in Athens, Georgia.

I always wondered where the image came from. I guess what I’m wondering is, did it really originate with that article, or did the magazine take the image from elsewhere?

A friend gave me a t-shirt with that image on it back in the 80’s. He bought it in Toronto, Canada. I still have the shirt and only wear it on special occasions so it does not wear out. Maybe I can be buried with it on if I live to be 80+ years old. I must say, the world would definitely be a happier place if it were “a world full of wierdos”.

I printed and sold that T-shirt to Junkman’s Daughter. Wasn’t there also The Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother across the street? For years I printed Punk T-shirts under the moniker The Razor’s Edge. The image was designed by two of the Weirdos, Cliff Roman and Dave Trout, for “the” Weirdos calendar 1978. Check out page 98 in “Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement”. Interesting Sluggo, ’cause another best selling T of mine was “Punk Meal” with Nancy and Sluggo of Ernie Bushmiller fame. Trust me, wherever you got your Weirdos shirt, they were sellin’ “Punk Meal”. Hope you owned one. That Weirdos sentiment spoke to many of us back then. Thanks for wearing ’em.

We had this on our wall when I was in college around 1980. Who knows where we got it, we just collected the coolest things we could find.

This painting hung on the wall of the Melody Bar, a now-defunct fun dance club in New Brunswick NJ through the 1980s. I always thought that theirs was the original, but I don’t know how the owners would come to purchase art by Cliff Roman and Dave Trout.

believe it or not, i knew the guy who created that image. he was, i believe, a schizophrenic, at least he was described to me as such. he was living in a house in Chapel Hill, NC at the time, maybe 1975 or 76. I first saw the image as an original, about 2 feet by 3 feet (approx, it was big), on the wall in the laundry on Franklin ST (the main drag). he sold it to them for $75. i hung out with friends that summer in the house where the artist lived. he was tall, muscular, blond, and interesting. i only met him a few times.

Yes. I, too, lived in the house in Cobb Terrace. Summer of 77. Bill, the creator of this, lived there and we were co-dishwashers at the Continental Cafe. Interesting. Wiry haired and palpably crazy.
Andy Robbins

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