1. Hello nice turbine models i also collect them,have you think double?

  2. Hi, very nice things. Are you interested to change models? I have also many models. And many are twice. Please send me a mail. Thank you.


  3. Hello ,

    Can you please contact me i am very intrestet in the siemens model
    and would gife a very good price fore it

  4. Hello,

    Because i am very intrestet i would make you a offer of 225 dollar fore the siemens model

  5. well i aslo have 2 mayby we can change i also have enercon on solar
    mail me

  6. Hello again ,
    I am a service engineer in wind turbine`s i collect turbine models have around 35 differend once

  7. Impressive!

    Where do you find these? I have been looking for well over a year for an actual scale model of a wind turbine. All I manage to find are the crappy solar powered ones. I design wind farms, and we’ve been using the Vestas V90 turbines. I would LOVE to have one of these on my desk.

    Can you please let me know where you get them?

    Best Regards.

  8. Hey where do they sell this ones? Im also interested in buying some. Thanks

  9. where can we get some? really interested in getting at least one, maybe vestas 😀

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