My very standard bicycle is not a standard bicycle to the city

I have had a nice BASIL basket on the back of my bike:

With that, it has had all three of Syd’s requirements. But there’s a problem; with the basket on, it doesn’t fit into my bike locker:

These Cycle-Safe lockers taper down to a narrow point, so basically anything other than a stripped-down bike won’t fit. The city says of the lockers:

Locker dimensions
The space inside of a locker is approximately: 1.2m (4 feet) high x 1.9m (6 feet, 5 inches) deep x 0.9m (3 feet) wide at the door and narrows toward the back of the locker. Most standard bicycles will fit inside. Longer bicycles such as tandem bikes or some recumbent bikes will not fit into the lockers.

“Most standard bicycles will fit inside”? Grah. If there’s something more standard that a Dutch bike with a basket on the back, I don’t know what it is. I have to go back to my makeshift solution — a too-tall basket lashed on with bungees — and deal with it biting my bum as I ride. Sigh.


  1. Carry an allen key with you and before you put the bike in the locker, loosen the allen head bolt in the middle of the handlebars are turn them 90 degrees so they are in-line with the wheel, then put the bike in front first.

  2. Close, but no cigar, Chris. The bike would be too long that way – it needs to have the steering turned to make it fit even backwards. Also, the bars on my Batavus have a very clever hidden bolt that is hard to find and even harder to turn.

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