Beware the Lexcavator

Lexcavator (groaningly, “a videogame for people who dig words“) is a kinda Boggle/Tetris/Boulder Dash thingy. It’s cross-platform, and cheap, optionally free. You may like it. I find it plays best with keyboard and a Wacom tablet.

(via mefi projects)

some contour words

As seen here: isobar, isobath, isobathytherm, isobel, isobront, isochalaz, isochasm, isocheim, isochor, isochrone, isocline, isocost, isodapane, isodop, isodose, isodrosotherm, isodynamic, isoecho, isogeotherm, isoglos, isogon, isogram, isohaline, isoheight, isohel, isohume, isohyet, isohypse, isoline, isoneph, isopach, isopectic, isophene, isophote, isoplat, isopleth, isopletion, isopycnal, isoquant, isostere, isotac, isotach, isothere, isotherm and isotim.