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Dissing the discmen

Victor Keegan gets the whole electronic media and copyright: Dissing the discmen

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how did those losers win again?

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It looks like New Labour are going to win, again. Sigh. I voted for them in ’97 ‘cos they appeared to be an alternative to the truly appalling Tories. And for about a year, I thought I’d made the right choice. But no, they’re just the Tories, remixed.

I voted Scottish Liberal Democrat. Yes, they didn’t get in in my constituency. They did take nearby East Dunbartonshire, though.

(images from the scary Election Nite Party Pack, from the BBC.)

goatee-stroking musing, or something

The price of democracy in the UK: $50.42

$50.42 is what it cost me to UPS my UK ballot paper back to North Lanarkshire Council with any hope of it getting there on time. It really didn’t help that I only got my papers on Monday. Canada Post and/or Purolator were too slow or evil to get it there in time.

Once the election is done, I’ll show you what a real ballot paper looks like.

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A positive wind energy site

Seems to be UK only, but quite pretty and useful.