car free in canada

It’s fairly easy to do without one if you make your housing and
working arrangements around it. I’ve been car-free since 1996, but
we’re mostly urbanites, so this may not work for everyone.

Most of my ideas come from a great UK magazine called AtoB.

  • We live very near a TTC subway station
  • I cycle during the summer, take transit at other times. A TTC
    pass for $90/month for an annual subscription just can’t be
  • I have a Brompton folding bike (amongst far too many others, to
    Catherine’s eternal dismay) which rides well, and plays well with
    others on crowded transit.
  • Catherine can use rental cars (I don’t have my Canadian licence
    yet, for various annoying bureaucratic reasons). They’re cheaper
    than running a car if you only need them now and again.
  • Taxis work for getting big stuff from stores. (Unless you’re
    buying an eMac computer, which comes in a box too big to fit in a
    taxi …)
  • All of our furniture was delivered, at less cost per trip than
    even hiring a U-Haul.
  • We get most of our groceries delivered from Grocery Gateway
  • We’ve considered signing up for AutoShare, a car sharing service in Toronto. A few of our friends use it, and find it convenient and

seat shading

Further to my TTC rant, I’ve noticed another thing: people standing over an empty seat, too close to let anyone sit in it, but not sitting in it themselves.

I call this seat shading. It’s annoying.

pathologically polite

It’s 9am, TTC subway southbound at St George. The train is packed (the crowd roared like a lion… no, wait, that was Wesley Willis). It’s the usual crowd — UofT students, Queen’s Park parliament types, downtown suits — not an elderly, infirm or pregnant person in sight. Everyone’s muffled in their winter gear, and there’s no room to move.

And there are two empty seats. No-one will sit in them, ‘cos they’re too polite, or too passive-aggressive to let anyone sit in them.

To compound this, they are window seats, and there’s someone in the aisle seats. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Am I a really bad person for wanting to sit down?