One of my WindShare colleagues was extolling the virtues of xdrive. It looks pretty neat, but I already spend money on hosting, so don’t want to duplicate the effort. I wonder if PHPFileExchange — a free, server-based file repository system — will work from here.

my wind-powered PC

As a thank-you for speaking at the ESC/EWB Power Shift lecture series, I was given a Pembina Institute Wind Powered PC tag. That means that the energy equivalent of three years of PC usage has been bought for me from a windfarm.

I’d like to thank the folks at UofT for putting up with me for the evening, and buying me dinner at the (in)famous Peel Pub (would that be innfamous?). I enjoyed it, and I hope they did too.

Poorly Hacked Perl

I have to admit, I’m gaining more than a sneaking admiration for PHP, the web application language that WordPress and Gallery are written in. It does remind me of an even more hacked-together version of Perl, but if it works well, well …

I looked for books, but they seemed to be out of date or very expensive, or both. So I’m sticking with the online PHP Manual.