computers suck

me, the fried tie dye

I had to pass unnoticed in Eugene, so I bought a tie-dye shirt from Maggie’s Farm. I like it.


iffy photo, great evening

Dan Jones and Dave Snider playing an impromptu set at Sam Bonds Garage (Brian Patrick is out of shot).

goatee-stroking musing, or something

in Eugene less than 12 hours, already addicted to Yumm! sauce

We met up with Dan and Tracy last night. Dan fixed us an epic chicken salad, with the local delicacy of Yumm! sauce. Yumm! sauce is somewhere between almond butter, hummus and mayo, except not quite any of them. It’s good; we had the chipotle.

A purported recipe for Yumm! Sauce must be tried.

(Dan was disappointed that I hadn’t mentioned that dog treats were sampled after the meal: they were.)