at Bill Rickard’s

I went up to Bill Rickard‘s yesterday to have Hugh Hunter tweak my banjo. Unfortunately Bill wasn’t there; he father died earlier in the week, and the memorial was later in the day. My condolences to Bill and his family.

Hugh was busily turning a banjo-uke block rim on the lathe when I arrived. After a little setup work (file the second string nut to kill a buzz, reduce the head tension to get the tubaphone sound), I looked around the shop.

Tone Rings and rims – including Bill’s new Dobson tone ring

Hardware – bracket bands, Whyte Ladye parts, etc.

The work in progress rack

Whyte Laydie at rear, Tubaphone up front.

For a banjo and engineering nerd, Bill’s shop is amazing. Get yourself invited up there if you get a chance.