why does firefox crash so much on windows?

I’m giving up on firefox on windows for now. It can just crash sitting there doing nothing. Yes, it’s probably Windows’ fault, but the aggravation is all mine. Unfortunately, safari is a dog’s breakfast on windows, but what can you do?

At least I’m not alone

not my favicon

I’m trying to make Firefox on Windows XP like Firefox with the GrApple theme on OS X. I don’t have to have it look the same, just compress all the bookmarks in the toolbar into the width of the screen.

This is how I want the bookmarks toolbar to look:

os x

And this is how it looks right now on Windows:

bar on windows

I can find any number of links about only showing the favicon, but none about turning it off to save space. Aargh!

look out!

I see that my company’s Outlook Web Access does much niftier things on IE than on FireFox:

outlook web access on IE

You don’t get those options of Firefox. Bah

But in true MS dunderhead fashion, when you quit the mail client, it clears all your cookies — including the ones of sessions on other sites. Microsoft, this isn’t DOS; people multitask these days …

Mozilla Update :: Extensions: New Tab Homepage

Ah, New Tab Homepage brings happiness to this Firefox user. I rather got to like the lightweight Epiphany browser during my mini-itx odyssey. When you opened a new browser tab in Epiphany, it loaded your home page. The supposedly more advance Firefox never did this.

New Tab Homepage fixes this, and doesn’t add any other tab-related cruft that I couldn’t use.

beware of the tabs ‘cos I’m sure they’re going to get you yeh

Firefox‘s tabbed browsing really irks me sometimes. I was most of the way through composing a pithy (no, I don’t have a lisp) entry, when I try to close an unwanted tab with the [X] icon. Kaboom! My entry’s gone. Seems I closed the wrong tab.

With great power comes great confusability, I suppose.

Aria + FlashGot = Linux Firefox Download Happiness

If you install the Aria Download Manager and the FlashGot Firefox Extension, you now have a painless way of managing multiple downloads. It makes an even better linux allofmp3 downloader than the previous suggestion.

Mozilla more than a third

scruss.com stats by browser, October 31, 2004 to November 6, 2004
From October 31, 2004 to November 6, 2004, more than a third of my readers were using Mozilla. Less than a year ago, it was about 10%. The real common sense revolution rolls on!