The Cult Of Pointy

Pointing to the CN Tower whilst exclaiming 'Pointy!'.

All there is to The Cult Of Pointy: if ever you see the CN Tower while in company, it behoves you to point to it and exclaim “Pointy!” in a silly voice. No more is required of you.

If you find yourself outside the Greater Toronto Area, you may substitute the local most pointy edifice. These would include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Space Needle in Seattle, and that swingy-about pointless-but-very-pointy thing at the Glasgow Science Centre.

You will soon find that the power of The Cult Of Pointy will make changes in your life. Specifically, fewer people will want to be around you, especially if there is a pointy building nearby.

The Cult Of Pointy does not in any way contradict any other religion, belief system, way of life, or philosophy. All it is is what it is.

Copyright © 02003–02006 Stewart C. Russell, Scarborough, Ontario.

Updated 25 June 02006