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It was on the liner coming back,

toy boat

just off (I remember) the Eddystone lighthouse,

sugar shaker

that I met my dear wife.

dashing man woman montage

She was the daughter of a retired Government official. now enjoying a leisurely and happy old age.

family gathering

gloves We had long been catching each other's eyes. The time was ripe. When I at last proposed, she gave me both hands impulsively.

Ours was a romantic engagement,

very proper young couple

but we decided to cut it very short, and were married directly the village church could be made ready.

church with ladders

We had some very novel wedding presents.

bread basket and sugar bowl

My best man was Lord Wagglecleek.

sporting gent

Almost my oldest friend, I had first met him in the bath.

head in bath and attendant

It was a pretty service, and the villagers, whose hearts are wholly ours,

heart pincushion

gave us a cordial send-off.


doll's house We were idyllically happy at Frisby Towers, in spite of its outward air of gloom.

woman with overly large salmon fly montage We both had rural tastes. My wife was very fond of whipping the stream,

natty golfer and I was, of course, an ardent golfer.

One day we took the motor;

pedal car

on the next I ordered out the roan.

rocking horse

When it rained we knew what to do.

table croquet

We were so simple that we often did not dress for dinner.

woman, man in smoking jacket and clock at 3:48 montage

In the evening after a small but recherché meal, for the cuisine at Frisby Towers left nothing to be desired,

doll's house kitchen

we had music. Melba's divine notes floated into the liquid air,


or I would perform a solo on my favourite instrument, which I flatter myself I play with a certain amount of delicacy and feeling;


harp oil lamp my wife occasionally accompanying me on the harp.

We entertained freely. Like my father I am a most hospitable man.

salve box

hand grenades No sooner is a guest inside my doors, than I pass the refreshments.

photo album In other ways also I kept them amused and happy.

By day we often made up parties of six for the fishing.

hip flasks

tortoise pincushion I had my hobbies too. In 1904 I succeeded, after many failures, in obtaining a cross between a tortoise and a porcupine, and the training of the hybrid gives me infinite pleasure.

engraved conch I was also the foremost conchologist of the country, and the arranging of my collection of 14,000 varieties of winkles, now in the Natural History Museum, occupied many otherwise tedious evenings.

whatnot Life also had its exciting incidents. Now and then I would add to my unique collection of Sèvres;

or a new hat would come from London for my wife.

ornate aspic

Sometimes a guest revoked;

ten of clubs

while an occasional fracas with the plumber also enlivened the routine, as when on one memorable occasion I drew his attention to the inadequacy of the bath.

man and small bath montage

Now and then my wife and I may even have had a tiff, during which we were not on speaking terms; but it soon blew over.

woman man, back to back

On Sunday we naturally went to church, to which, in my capacity of Squire, I presented a new organ,


and where I frequently had the pleasure of hearing the choir render my favourite hymns.

hymn board

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