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In the mad effort to forget Lady Brenda I globe-trotted furiously.

One day found me among the quaint walled towns of Normandy.

turreted thing

The next I was in Germany.

inflatable neck cushion

Feeling that excitement was necessary to me, I joined the motor race to Monte Carlo,

model touring car

and was to be seen every night in the Casino;

chess pieces

where I lost heavily.

coin purse

I passed on to Venice,

roller blind

and from there to Naples.

fumigating cone

But in vain - I could not forget Lady Brenda, and sleep was out of the question.

fitful sleeper

I also suffered from loss of memory, and frequently forgot my shirt and waistcoat.

jacket and trousers on rail

bottle-shaped knitting bag In my despair I took for a brief, mad period to drink, but was careful that no one should suspect the proximity of the bottle.

From Naples I passed on to India, that land

toy elephants

elephant pincushion of mystery and Eastern splendour.

calendar showing January Wednesday 1 It was my first experience of the tropics. The heat was intense.

At night I lay with my tent open;


by day the jungle throbbed beneath the intolerable sun.


But by taking precautions I retained my health.

mosquito net hat

I had also my faithful and admirable syce, who, like everyone with whom I have ever come in contact (except, alas! Lady Brenda), adored me.

african doll

boy scout Then came the Paticaka Guerilla War. I enlisted against the insurgent Gherkins.

I slept soundly the night before the battle.

sleeping military type

Although shot many times I fought on, but I became unconscious from loss of blood, not, however, until the day was won. That night eleven bullets, which I still preserve, were extracted from my body.

lead shot

The Maharajah showed his appreciation of my services,


and, furthermore, put me to the blush by offering me his favourite wife.

woman's driving veil

It was on leaving Paticaka that I had the narrowest escape from death that I have yet experienced. I took my seat in the Calcutta train

toy train

and settled myself to repose, when, with a fearful crash, the carriage was overturned. We had disregarded the signal.

toy signal

The scene was appalling; human remains strewed the ground.

misc body parts (comedy)

Fortunately I escaped unhurt, although somewhat badly shaken.

Before returning to England I visited Japan,

japanese doll family

where I made many friends among the quaint little people. I saw a sight I shall never forget - the sun rising over Fusiyama.

wire brush - before use

Later in the day I saw it set - an equally memorable spectacle.

wire brush - after use

From Japan I sailed to Africa, and among the many photographs I took is a view of a kraal on the banks of the Oomba river, Nygskmbasi, B.C.A.

miscellaneous hemispheres

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