Mayor McCa, The Music Gallery — 6 May 2006

Part of the Over The Top Fest 2006.

  1. Intro / Fais Bien Attention (perambulatory swannee instrumental version)
  2. One Of These Days
  3. Meet Tony (talk)
  4. That's A Wrap
  5. Don't Give Up
  6. Y'alright? (talk)
  7. Hey Man, You Gotta Nice Job
  8. You
  9. Hair Farmer
  10. Sippacuppacoffee
  11. You Better Take Care Of Yourself

About these files

Audience recording by Stewart C. Russell. Recorded to 44.1kHz WAV audio using Minigear Labs binaural microphones and iRiver H120 digital HD recorder with Rockbox firmware. Tracks split with Audacity, normalized with normalize, and MP3 encoded with LAME.