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PRINT USING writes formatted output to the screen or to a file.
LPRINT USING prints formatted output on the printer LPT1.

PRINT [#filenumber%,] USING formatstring$; expressionlist [{; | ,}]
LPRINT USING formatstring$; expressionlist [{; | ,}]filenumber%       The number of an open sequential file.
    ■ formatstring$;    A string expression containing one or more
                        format specifiers.
    ■ expressionlist    A list of one or more numeric or string expressions
                        to print, separated by commas, semicolons, spaces,
                        or tabs.
    ■ {; | ,}           Determines where the next output begins:
                          ; means print immediately after the last value.
                          , means print at the start of the next print zone.
                            Print zones are 14 characters wide.
    a = 123.4567
    PRINT USING "###.##"; a
    LPRINT USING "+###.####"; a
    a$ = "ABCDEFG"
    PRINT USING "!"; a$
    LPRINT USING "\ \"; a$

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