♫yoga then stone ants and I are waving♫

Robyn Hitchcock – Trilobite – Live At Sonic Boom Records In Toronto

YouTube’s automatic transcription is not quite there yet:

… it’s got a different feel to it it’s um
I write this in a shower in Thunder Bay
I mean you know like a shower that you
clean yourself in not a shower of rain
or you could clean yourself in a shower
of rain but you don’t always know it’s
gonna rain and you’re not necessarily
dirty at precisely the right time to go
out into the rain but it would be great
if people could time their dirt so they
went out and obviously if you’ve got
small kids and you need to bathroom
regularly because they’re not old enough
to voluntarily shower or bathe you could
just wait for for the shower that would
doom for you none for the infants anyway
I wrote this in Thunder Bay and it’s
about a creature that’s been extinct now
for about 100 million years but it
lasted about 400 million years which is
a lot longer than we are likely to
nonetheless we in our brief lifespan
have already named this creature and
it’s it looks kind of like a ladies
shaving device from the 1940s but
obviously it made a stone because it’s
fossilized it’s called a trilobite
because it has three lobes three
sections to it and you can find a lot of
these still fossilized trilobite sand
cliffs in various parts of the world
they may even be on on the moon for
honor but it’s very hard to prove either
way but you know we’ve called it this
thing the trilobite but long after it’s
like as if somebody dug one of you up in
years to come and said these are the
bones of Gloria Swanson you know you
always who remember you sir particularly
and not Gloria Swanson um as far as I
know because you haven’t proved you on
but I’m assuming you are for all I know
all of you are actually called Gloria
Swanson which only proves my point the
chorus of the song refers to
refers to Elton John buying cheap
confectionery in a down market cafe in
the late 60s before he became famous and
wasn’t able to do that had to get
someone else to do it for him and it has
no connection with the rest of the song
so ok that’s set the scene for this
trilobite right Dwight’s in the light by
trilobite right in the light by Dwight
trilobite right Dwight’s in the light by
trilobite right in the light by Dwight
basking on the shores of time the little
Stein creature ain’t dead to the world
they call him trilobite right rights in
the light by trilobite right in the
light by Dwight trilobite right rights
in the light by trilobite brighten the
light by Dwight Weldon Johnson but real
name is Richard wood creaking away for a
second of Fame a billion years later
they give it a name they call a
trilobite right and whites in life by
trilobite right in the light by Dwight
when I’m too wasted these rocks to
clamber then lean me on the cliff and
encase me in amber and the creature from
the future in way out when can clop my
fossil and name me span that’s a nice
built for a world where nothing needs
shaving yoga then stone ants and I are
waving trilobite right and whites in the
light by trial of pipe right in the
light by Dwight let’s hold a clicking
championship the trilobite wins and
everybody else loses
trilobite try to buy

Robyn Hitchcock, Trilobite, as transcribed by YouTube

The chorus in real life is:

Trilobite, right Dwight’s in the Lite Bite
Trilobite, right in the Lite Bite, Dwight

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