Updated: 25 April 2001

Pictures Vaguely Related to Robyn Hitchcock

This is a temporary home for some of my pictures. Probably best not to link to this. The Ticket Stub Gallery is more likely to stick around.

Please excuse occasional graininess; digicams make noisy images in low light. Most pictures have useful info lurking in the ALT information.

click for full-sized ticket Lee Valley Riverboat Cruise, 5 Aug 2000

Kimberley and Robyn loom on the lock bridge
The arrival of the Charlotte Rose
Tim, Robyn, Jake and Kimberley rock the boat
On the meadow at Waltham Abbey
On Aqueduct Lock bridge
Kimberley and Robyn strike a pose
Robyn and Tim stride out

click for full-sized ticket Dynamic Earth, 25 Aug 2000

The Dynamic Earth lurks in the shadow of Salisbury

(look, I know Robyn's not in this picture [tho' if you had SuperVision you'd see him doing a soundcheck in the basement; but if you'd had supervision, you wouldn't be...] but I think it's a neat venue, combining lurking and looming in one.)

click for full-sized ticket The Attic, 26 Aug 2000

Robyn plays electric
Robyn plays eclectic
Robyn meets the fans - and Big Al the Roadie

click for full-sized ticket Dynamic Earth, 27 Aug 2000

Robyn and Tim serenade the Queen in her official residence-cone

The Soft Boys Tour 2001

Tour Card, front Tour Card, back

Stewart's Cone

Bought at The Cat House, Glasgow, 24 April 2001. It was the only one on sale.

Kimberley Rew's signature detail Robyn Hitchcock's signature detail Morris Windsor's signature detail Matthew Seligman's signature detail cone side 1 cone side 2 cone side 3 cone side 4


Usage: considered silly. Best ignored. And no, I don't know why Polish beer has a kangaroo and an emu on it either.

Drink EB beer! It's Great!

Drink EB beer! It's Great! Our slogan is Czas na EB, which in Polish means
Drink EB beer! It's Great! Our slogan is...

Stewart C. Russell, Kirkintilloch, Scotland