Hugin comes fully of age

I made the Generic Vancouver Seawall Panorama today using all of Hugin‘s defaults, and in the words of Eric Morecambe, “You can’t see the join!”. You used to have to play with lots of settings – now it just gets it right. Bravo!

hooray for heather’s

We arrived in Vancouver yesterday, and in the hotel hit a snag: the combination lock of my case wouldn’t open. I don’t remember setting one, so the prospect of going through 000 .. 999 to get at my clothes would be tiresome.

Thank goodness for Heather’s Luggage Repair. They reset the combination, and showed me the annoying little feature of combination locks that can cause this to happen.

pretty much it for now

the way out of Richmond

Well, that’s pretty much all for my BC trip. Got another day in the office, then fly out this afternoon.

I managed to be a bit more sociable this time. Dinner with Dave and Leanne in a very high-tone restaurant, curry with Kelly on Davie St on Halloween, then dinner with colleagues last night.

Things I Saw in Vancouver

Things I Saw in Vancouver – and yes, there are flowers in bloom. Beware of the cute sea otters, though they’re not quite up there with the Oh Noes! otter.

Update: Dave‘s photos are good – thanks!

so that just about wraps it up for vancouver

Q: What do you get after two days of rain in Vancouver?
A: Monday!

Well, I’m heading back, and quite typically, the sun came out today so I got a peek at the mountains. It’s been a fun, busy trip, even if I am using Telus‘s ridiculously expensive and slow hotspot in Vancouver airport.

a good day

Lots of walking today. Went to the Vancouver Aquarium – which is beyond nifty; they even had some Corys, even though I’m supposed to mention the sea otters and belugas. Then I took a long walk through town, ostensibly heading to MEC. The Van MEC is huge!

I walked about half the way back to the hotel. This was probably far. My feet hurt.

in and around the van

Spent a pleasant, if damp, day scooting around Vancouver and environs with Dave. After a quick tour of Granville Island, we headed off to the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. We then had lunch at Fuel, which is extremely good.

We had to work off lunch somehow, so we hiked around Lynn Canyon Park, which includes the nifty and shoogly Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. Back at Dave & Leanne’s place, we decided on dinner and a movie, but I had to bail on the movie ‘cos my cold was getting bad.

Vancouver is so green. I like it.

boo {gerund} hoo

[Rick Ciarnello, president of the Vancouver Hells Angels chapter] claims he has been treated rudely by his local supermarket staff, and he says many people are no longer friendly toward him, and instead fear him or avoid him altogether.

Hells Angel says he feels shunned.