what the tortoise taught us

Just finished Timothy; or, Notes of an Abject Reptile, the fictional thoughts of Gilbert White‘s pet tortoise. Verlyn Klinkenborg has really captured the pace of the tortoise’s life.

The tortoise/taught us rhyme doesn’t work if you’re Scottish; we pronounce it tor-toys, not taw-TUSS. Lewis Carroll didn’t think beyond the RP.

In memory of Timothy, I’ve geotagged this post with the location of a bridge in a nearby ravine, near which a little turtle used to snooze in the sun.

The Return of Jimmy The Turtle Food Collector

Jimmy The Turtle Food Collector
(links to JimmyTheTurtleFoodCollector.pdf, 10.2 MB)

Long ago — like in 1998 — John Kricfalusi’s animation company Spumco used to have a really neat website. It’s gone now, and spumco.com doesn’t point anywhere useful.

They used to have web comics online, such as Turtle Food Collector. These seem to have been scattered to the four winds, but there are fragmented copies of the comic on archive.org.

None of JohnK’s work deserves this fate, so I rounded up all the files from their various hiding places, and joined them together in one PDF file. Hope you like it.

Welcome to Big Turtle Country

We stopped in Madoc on Highway 7 last night for refreshments, and there in the Tim Hortons car park was a huge turtle. With its snake-like neck, thick bowed legs and saurian tail, it looked like an animated gothic footstool.

Just a little down the road, there was another similarly-szied beastie. I wonder if they were calling to one another? Maybe the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.