My Name is not Alvin

When I first heard of Alvin Lucier‘s “I Am Sitting in a Room” I thought it would be interesting to attempt a recreation with the tools I had on hand. Rather than shuffling tapes around, I recorded on my iPod Touch, and then e-mailed the file to my laptop to play back. I repeated this sixteen times. This is what I ended up with: my name is not alvin [mp3].

"My Name is not Alvin" recording rig

I’m pretty sure all I ended up recording was the hard drive and the backlight on my MacBook. By the final iteration, the cricket-like chirping is centred pretty close to 5400 and 16000 Hz.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

the dire effects of Whiskey Before Breakfast

This is allegedly what happens when the battery runs out on your Zoom H2 while recording: whiskey before breakfast. This is Nichol playing his Collings during a lesson.

banjo guitar

oh, and while you’re at it …

somebody please buy my Gold Tone Bob Carlin 350 banjo and Peavey SRP-16 Stereo Digital Reverb Pedal.