lee’s, please!

Casper & The Cookies and The Apples in Stereo rocked Lee’s Palace. Man, was that a good show. Once my ears work again, I’ll see if my recording came out.

Oh, and happy birthday Jason NeSmith!

clicking like the trilobite

clicks in my H120 recording
Darn it, but my iRiver, with this recent firmware upgrade, now records a click about every minute it records. See the regular peaks? It hasn’t completely ruined my recording of Of Montreal, but it hasn’t helped.

(and apologies for the relatively huge file size of the image; I’m just learning my mac-fu.)

and I thought that it’d hosed the recording of the encore by killing the wav file header. But some digging with sox parameters fixed it:

sox -V -t .raw -s -w -c 2 -r44100  broken.wav fixed.wav

reminder of summer: field recording

leopard frog, Lowbanks, ON
A nice frog I saw when I was working in Lowbanks a couple of weeks ago.

About the same time, and in the same field, I made a recording of crickets: Lowbanks Crickets, 15 Sep 02004. In the depths of winter, I’ll really need this sound as a reminder of what it can be like.