You’ve maybe heard about this ‘open source’ thing? You get one guess who wrote most of the theory and propaganda for it and talked IBM and Wall Street and the Fortune 500 into buying in.

 — the enormous ego of Eric Raymond, responding to a job offer at Microsoft. does not like Common Era

Looks like someone (or more likely, their ‘bot) doesn’t like the use of CE in Wikipedia: User contributions –

more web file managers

I’ve previously written about PHPFileExchange, but it looks like it has strange installation requirements. Cwfm and Owl might do the happy thing, but neither looks quite perfect.


One of my WindShare colleagues was extolling the virtues of xdrive. It looks pretty neat, but I already spend money on hosting, so don’t want to duplicate the effort. I wonder if PHPFileExchange — a free, server-based file repository system — will work from here.

my wind-powered PC

As a thank-you for speaking at the ESC/EWB Power Shift lecture series, I was given a Pembina Institute Wind Powered PC tag. That means that the energy equivalent of three years of PC usage has been bought for me from a windfarm.

I’d like to thank the folks at UofT for putting up with me for the evening, and buying me dinner at the (in)famous Peel Pub (would that be innfamous?). I enjoyed it, and I hope they did too.

Poorly Hacked Perl

I have to admit, I’m gaining more than a sneaking admiration for PHP, the web application language that WordPress and Gallery are written in. It does remind me of an even more hacked-together version of Perl, but if it works well, well …

I looked for books, but they seemed to be out of date or very expensive, or both. So I’m sticking with the online PHP Manual.