rootery nook

OooOOooh! teh pritty! I’ve temporarily rooted my Nook Color to run the latest version of Android from microSD using the following instructions: [ROM][CM7] [v1.3] Size-agnostic SD Card image and CM7 installer for SD Cards. – xda-developers. It’s a bit slow.

Perhaps the hardest part was getting this screenshot. I got it using the Android SDK ddms tool, which took some hitting with a virtual Stillson wrench to get going. If, on OS X, the command adb devices returns a blank list, you will need to add the Nook’s USB vendor ID to the ~/.android/adb_usb.ini config file. Stop the server (adb kill-server), then enter the following command:

echo 0x2080 >> ~/.android/adb_usb.ini

then restart the adb server (adb start-server). adb devices should return something like:

List of devices attached 
2010830023232004    device

and now all tethered Android joy can be yours.

To view Ubuntu Remote Desktop under OS X …

… you need to set a password — even a trivial one — on the Ubuntu Remote Desktop settings. OS X won’t connect to your remote desktop if you don’t set a password.

That is all.

all did go well in Sarnia

Well, I talked myself hoarse (must learn to project!), and I think it went well; no-one feigned death or sudden illness.

The ATI Remote Wonder performed flawlessly. It may be ugly, but it works.

more wind in Sarnia

I’m giving my wind talk to the Lambton Chapter of the PEO tonight: Wind Energy for the Perplexed.

If all goes well, I’ll be able to use my ATI Remote Wonder to control the slides, as I found an OS X driver for the Remote Wonder. Yay!