the Wawa Plume – it’s pollutionalicious!

the wawa plume, courtesy google maps

The Wawa Plume (Google maps link) — a 24km trail of environmental destruction left by smelters — is clearly visible from space. You don’t need a weatherman to say that the wind blows from the southwest in Wawa.

Thanks to Evan o’ the Wildlands League for finding this.

Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power are all over the news today. Green power for consumers in Ontario.

I could have done with more wind in the mix (they’re 80% hydro, 20% wind) but it’s better than Pickering, Darlington, and all that nonsense.

This is only funny if you’re Scottish …

The Globe and Mail reports:

Monday, August 15, 2005 Page A5

Kingston — More than 11 million litres of liquid manure that spilled into a river in New York state is taking much longer than expected to enter Lake Ontario.

The cow waste flowed into the Black River in northern New York, near the town of Lowville, after the wall of a holding lagoon at a dairy farm blew out late Wednesday or early Thursday.

On Saturday, the manure seeped westward, heading toward Black River Bay, which flows into Lake Ontario. By yesterday, it still had not entered Black River Bay, said Jim Keech of Utilities Kingston. [CP]

Ontario Electricity RFP III: return of the small projects

The Ontario Electricity RFP III is out; a rather piddling 200MW of projects, but even very little helps. What’s interesting is that existing projects look to be eligible, so maybe WindShare can bid in.

Shame that the RFP page doesn’t render properly in my browser, and falsely claims to be XHTML 1.0 compliant.

I can tell you now!

Remember how I said that I can’t tell anyone?

Well, today Provincial Energy Minister Dwight Duncan announced the successful projects in the Ontario’s renewable energy RFP. To quote the Bloomberg story:

Wind farms will generate most of the power from these announced projects, adding 355 megawatts electricity to the province. Superior Wind Energy Inc., Erie Shores Wind Farm LP, Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., and Epcor Utilities Inc. are behind the wind projects.

[link/emphasis mine]

As co-designer of the Erie Shores Wind Farm turbine layout, it’s great to see some more wind turbines being built.

big win for Ontario Renewables

From the resolutions from the upcoming Ontario Liberal Party Conference:

Be it resolved that the Government of Ontario encourage the use of renewable energy by implementing Advanced Renewable Tariffs that will allow distributed solar, small hydro, or wind energy to be established by farmers, co-ops, and locally owned enterprises and to be able to market this energy on the provincial grid.

Be it further resolved that the Government of Ontario make a subsidy available for the purchase and installation of all major Green” technologies which can be utilized to provide energy for residential dwellings, offices businesses and industry (products such as geothermal heat systems, solar-assisted hot water heaters, heat pumps, small-scale wind generators, net metering equipment, etc.).

I think we have Paul Gipe to thank for that.

Welcome to Big Turtle Country

We stopped in Madoc on Highway 7 last night for refreshments, and there in the Tim Hortons car park was a huge turtle. With its snake-like neck, thick bowed legs and saurian tail, it looked like an animated gothic footstool.

Just a little down the road, there was another similarly-szied beastie. I wonder if they were calling to one another? Maybe the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.